“This looks so unhealthy, This is too much” – Nigerians worry over Mr Ibu very big potbelly (PICS)

Popular music producer Samklef has shaded veteran Nollywood star, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, via a post shared on his social media page.

Samklef recently posted a photo of Mr Ibu on his official Instagram page. In the image shared, Mr Ibu was spotted shirtless as he displayed his massive potbelly.

The producer in the caption that accompanied the post had wondered what the comic actor was consuming to make his stomach protrude so much.

Samklef who seemed to be dropping some indirect advice for the actor noted that health is wealth.

Check out the post shared by him below:

Reacting, one follower took up his reservations against the post shared by the Molowo crooner.

The individual noted that Samklef had no right to make fun of Mr Ibu’s body especially if he does not have any personal relationship with him.

He urged the producer to delete the post and respect the fact that people have different body shapes and stature.

“Samklef do you know Mr IBU in person or have you been with him one on one before? If not please don’t just go there, please. I’ll advise you delete dis your publish as it will not do you any good nor any prospect…Everyone has their shape and figure from nature.

“And you are not most handsome so please don’t go to IBU side…Mr IBU is never a problem person and will never be,” the individual wrote.

There were others who also expressed concern over the actor’s health.

Read comments below:

_williamsbaby: This is not healthy o.”

the_missmiss:Next thing is high blood pressure and whatnot. C’mon mahn…”

san_42_diego: “Baba try do some bodywork.”

d____chichitu: This one is too much na.”

timmystarofficial: “He needs to start 30days dry fasting.”


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