THOUGHTS ON ESSENCE;Value and responsiveness.

I thought it wise to share this thought this morning. Ensure to read to the end.

Swift, swift, is how we want it, it is how we long for it to be. I mean, how dare you not want the cruise life, how? Just  how?

But then, sometimes, some find something far reaching, something their soul embraces and grasps like an anchor. They find ‘essence’ and the wandering leaves like a mist responding to the battering of sun rays.

For those who find and grasp Essence, it grasps back, this time with a pull that changes their trajectory, launching them into a different pedestal than they’ve been use to. At this moment they see more lucidly. Tough things become tasks that in accomplishing satisfaction are attained, little goals birth new and bigger goals, dreams cease being dreams but achievable realities, excellence becomes the benchmark of operation. Sit tight, this new reality is going to be a long ride, a ride to a different life; this life is a continuum, its possibilities are infinite.

On the contrary, you must understand that the propensity to hold and behold essence resides within a will and drive to not have an indwelling with all things afloat. Things afloat need no effort to stay afloat they just glide frictionless.

Value and its reserve are like gold and it’s mine to a person of essence. Do not expect anyone without this orientation to embrace value, People’s response to things of value depends on how much they’ve grasped their essence.

Don’t expect everyone to want depth, some love just how close to the surface they operate. Trouble them not for depth comes from the altar of essence. Some have embraced theirs, others love what they want. They love the loathing and easiness in their current state.

Both a person of depth and a person of less depth both have something in common, a pull. But on different polarities.

Bottom line is, choose your essence and live on. The sermons have been preached, preach no more. Let all men today live with their life choices.

Stay blessed. Please ensure to stay safe and observe all necessary government and health workers directives to curbing the novel virus, Corona virus despite the situation in your country or state. I love you so greatly, God has blessed you greatly.

A feedback from you about this piece on the comment box will be needful. This too will pass, and everyone will be fine at last.

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