Trump touts high approval numbers, GOP support amid coronavirus crisis

President Trump crowed over his approval ratings Saturday after a new poll showed him maintaining high marks through the coronavirus crisis.

“96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!” he posted on Twitter. “Also, just out, highest ever Approval Rating overall in the new Gallup Poll and shows ‘Trump beating Sleepy Joe Biden.’”

Gallup’s survey of 1,016 adults, taken in the last two weeks of April, found Trump at 49 percent approval overall, matching his numbers in its March poll — the highest of Trump’s presidency.

His numbers were buoyed by a 47 percent approval mark among independents, the highest he has ever achieved with this group.

But Trump overstated Gallup’s findings for Republican voters: 94 percent of them told the pollster they approve of their president’s performance.

And his claim about his presumptive presidential rival was not confirmed by the poll, which did not ask about the coming November election.


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