Watch the trailer of the first architectural movie ever, starring the LeonardoBySujimoto

The first and most anticipated architectural movie of all time is here. A story inspired by the 16th century polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci and his most celebrated artwork, the Mona Lisa.

From the city of Florence, Italy to the heart of Banana Island, Nigeria, love intertwined to birth a 21st century love child, the LeonardoBySujimoto.

The Leonardo is an architectural masterpiece piece poised to make you forget everything you’ve seen about luxury living. Located in Nigeria’s most secure neighborhood, Banana Island, the waterfront property will feature ultra-modern amenities such Virtual Golf Bar, Private residential Spa, Infinity Pool, Private Salon, IMAX Cinema, Full Home Automation, Kohler Kitchen, Crèche, Interactive Lobby, Technogym, Mini mart, Mini clinic, amongst other superior amenities no other building in Africa can boast of.

With just $210k (30% initial deposit) you too can become a proud owner the revolutionary building.

To purchase a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom, call Dammy on 0809 852 1646 or Tomiwa on 0809 124 3555.

Mention someone who shouldn’t miss out on this movie.

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