White man gets pummeled after using racial slur, video shows

A video posted on social media shows a white man being pummeled inside a department store after he allegedly used the N-word.

The footage, shot inside a Flint, Michigan store, shows a white man wearing a mask and speaking on the phone near clothing racks when he is clocked and knocked to the ground by a black man.

He attempts to crawl away apologizing, only to be punched two more times by his attacker, who then repeatedly used the slur himself between blows — telling the white man, “don’t touch me n—er,” the video shows.

“A man at a store in #Flint allegedly referred to a Black man in the store as a “n***er” while talking on the #phone,” film producer and activist Tariq Nasheed said on his post of the footage on Twitter. “The Black man overheard him, then things went left.”

The white man is not heard using the slur on the video, but rapper FT Quay, who also posted it on Facebook, also said he was overheard using it.

“This not the whole video  but Me and bro in the mall n sh-t and he ask this man otp did this shirt look to little he told hi yea and kept talking on the phone then mumbled talking about sum “no one just sum n—-er” he though we ain’t hear em because his mask was on,” the rapper wrote.

The videos alarmed some social media users, who urged that the Flint Police Department investigate the incident.

“It’s called assault. It’s on video. This should be a slam dunk arrest no matter the context,” one poster said. “Unless the white guy attacked him (off camera) then he should be arrested.”

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