You learnt nothing in your 4-year UG waste to mock ‘better’ Hawa Koomson – Adom Otchere blasts Legon Alumni

Journalist Paul Adom-Otchere has taken on past students of the University of Ghana for mocking Hawa Koomson following her performance during her vetting at the Appointments Committee of Parliament, saying that such persons must not feel accomplished because they are no better than Hawa Koomson is has been seen by many as having performed poorly at her vetting, especially with regards to her knowledge and eloquence on matters of the fishing ministry.

Speaking on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV, Mr Adom-Otchere lashed out at the alumni of the University of Ghana of having wasted their time gossiping on the campus without acquiring the much needed knowledge which has left them unemployed because they perpetually fail at interviews.

“So because you think you can type ” I know, right “; ” I haven’t”…And type it to your friend because of that you’re OK? Your Okayness is showing in your inability to contribute to the development of Ghana because every job interview you go, you fail; having been to University of Ghana; having gone to waste four years gossiping on the University campus. You didn’t learn anything. And you come and sit there and you are laughing at Hawa Koomson? Are you serious? Are you really serious? Is that the country you want to build?” He lashed out on live television

Mr Adom-Otchere was reacting to criticism by Ghanaians of the purported poor performance of Ms Hawa Koomson at her vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

The Broadcast Journalist argued that her inability to express herself well in English or demonstrate knowledge of the fisheries sector doesn’t mean she cannot perform.


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