2Face Idibia Replies Those Insulting Him For Endorsing A Bill To Create Additional Seat For Women

Legendary singer 2Face Idibia has replied to all those insulting him for endorsing a bill to create additional seats for women in the legislature.

2Face Idibia endorsing the bill in a tweet said they should make way for the African queens to join the legislature and those who have a different opinion from his about this expressed it in a form of insult and negative comments.

Some disagreed with him on the basis that if they create more room for women, the expenditure of the legislature will go high and that is something they can’t afford to let happen, others were of the view that the right women supposed to be there won’t be the ones there hence there’s no need for creating more seat for incompetent people.

One who seems bitter rudely called 2Face Idibia a fool but then he was so polite in his reply to him saying must he call him a fool to express himself in what he posted saying he has shown his true colors.

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2Face Idibia went ahead to ask if everything he posts or comments on must be a debate adding that must some insult him or post negative comments just to express themselves wondering how they will act if they enter a power position.

2Face Idibia’s post didn’t warrant any insult but then some bitter fans decided to express themselves with insult just to show that they aren’t in support of what he endorses to give women more room in the legislature.

screenshot below;

Source: www.GHgossip.com

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