‘A Cheating Girl Will Still Cry Over Her Man’ – Lady Slams Fellow Ladies

A Nigerian lady has slammed other ladies who shroud their relationship in hypocrisy by crying over the same man they cheat on.

The beautiful lady who is identified on Twitter as Cute Dey For You, labeled women who do that as devils for crying over a man they are cheating on. ”Girls will cry over a guy they are cheating on, devils”, she wrote.

Her message as seen on Twitter;

In an identical story, a woman has told popular marriage expert, Joro Olumofin how her husband compensates her anytime he cheats on her with other women.

According to the married woman, her husband often cleans the house himself, buys her gifts and impresses her in other ways after he’s been caught in the act, a situation that has put her in a dilemma because she somewhat feels good about the new side of her hubby thereafter.

“Good afternoon Joro. Hello, I want to share. Don’t know if I should be happy. I notice when my husband cheat he washes plate, hover the carpet and buy me a gift. Good D too. Last week he cleans the whole house and bought me a watch I have been asking for. Should I be happy?

My friends hubby when they cheat they even shout at their wife again. My friends don’t know my hubby cheat. But I find it romantic he feels guilty. Am I wrong? Like it turns me on. I notice he put more effort into sex too. Like if he cheats outside he must give me head. I don’t know how to explain sha It makes me feel good”.

SOURCE: www.Newzandar News.com

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