A Good Woman Doesn’t Need Charms To Keep A Man – Mercy Eke Says

BBNaija reality show star Mercy Eke has disclosed that a good wife doesn’t need a charm to keep a man as she shares some unique characteristics.

Mercy Eke shared a post on her Snapchat talking about the characteristics of a good woman revealing that every good woman doesn’t need a charm to keep a man by herself as her character must be enough.

According to Mercy Eke, the character of a good woman is enough to make a man never get tired of her and she doesn’t need a charm to keep him because every man needs respect and peace of mind to be on their own.

Mercy Eke then added that she totally agrees with the post but then asked feminists who might disagree with her to avoid her advising ladies to be their men’s peace of mind as it works like magic and there would be no need for charms.

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Going by the post of Mercy Eke, we can say that most of these ladies who can’t keep their men have themselves to blame as their character are what is driving them away but then they think someone else is using charms on them.

This post of Mercy Eke has also made us realize that using a charm on a man doesn’t guarantee that he would be with you forever but rather your character and ability to be his peace of mind will make him be with you forever.

screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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