Abducted Bethel Baptist Students Doing Well – Bandits Confirm

The bandits who were involved in the kidnapping of the students of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna, on Monday, July 5, 2021, have doused fears of the students being mistreated in their camp.

The President, Kaduna Baptist Conference and proprietor of Bethel Baptist High school, Kaduna, Rev. Yahaya Adamu Jangado, issued a statement where he disclosed that he had spoken with the bandits and the students are doing well.

According to Rev. Yahaya Adamu Jangado, the bandits called to inform the school management that the students are all doing well and fine and he was able to speak with some of the students.

The statement read:  “Today, by the grace of God, we had a call from the bandits and they assured us that our children are well and doing okay. In fact, we had the privilege of speaking with a few of them.”

“They (students) counted themselves in the jungle and they gave us information that they are 121 and when we put the number together with what we have recovered, we discovered that the number is exactly the same with the number of students we have in the hostel.”

“l want to thank God because the parents are understanding. We are working together to see what we can do. For now, we do not know what the bandits will say. They may call for ransom and we may have to negotiate and we have also agreed with the parents to work together in prayers and look up to God in this matter.”

Source: Newzandar News

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