Abuse Is Now Customary ‘— Actress Carolina Hutchings Blasts Yomi Fabiyi For Defending Baba Ijesha

Nollywood actress, Carolina Hutchings has lampooned the movie industry following Baba Ijesha’s se.xual molestation and assault case.

There is unrest in the movie industry as actors from different quarters are tearing each other apart over Baba Ijesha’s rape case even after he was granted a 2million naira bail by the court barely two weeks ago after being detained for over a month.

Yomi Fabiyi, a colleague of Baba Ijesha defended him and fought actresses such as Nkechi Blessing, Iyabo Ojo and others for trying to get jungle justice for Baba Ijesha and Yomi Fabiyi is currently on the chopping board as several players in the industry have rained insults and berated him for making a movie telling the story from Baba Ijesha’s point of view.

Sharing her thoughts on what is going on in the movie industry, Caroline Hutchings asserted that abuse is now customary.

She pointed out that full able-bodied parents will defend the accused involved in the rape case while they take turns to abuse the victim meanwhile the industry players will be the first to castigate the government over bad governance.

According to the actress on her Instagram story, the success of Nigeria starts in the homes of its citizens.

Reacting to her post;

@iyke_nneji wrote; Crime and molestation is now the new law, and those guilty never get to pay for there crimes smh

@darkberry_jones wrote; She’s right. I have always said Nigeria’s problem is the Nigerians that reside within her. The ones robbing and killing eachother, the judges that don’t give justice, the pastors that don’t preach truth or live Godly, the teachers that don’t teach but instead punish and take advantage, the drs that don’t heal but fleece the infirm force every penny they have or don’t have the government that doesn’t govern but instead loots from their own citizens. There was a dream that was once Nigeria. That dream is now a nightmare for so many

Source:Newzandar News

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