Actor Roxy Antak Goes Poetic As He Ties The Knot

Nollywood actor Roxy Antak has turned into a poet as he ties the knot saying it’s the best decision he has ever made in his entire life.

According to Roxy Antak, going on a bended knee, holding the beautiful hands of his wife, with tears in his eyes, asking her to be his life buddy, his confidant, his best friend, prayer partner, wife, and his queen has been the best decision ever.

Edem Roxy Antak in his poetic mood told his wife how much he loves her with every single nerve in his body, every single drop of blood in his veins, and every corner and his heart promising to protect her with his life even until his last breath.

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Adding that he will comfort her all the time, provide for her before he even provides for himself, and will always be her most loving human, soulmate, and husband, and will always be her king as they take this journey together.

Roxy Antak seems to have a lot in his heart to pour out to his wife in the form of a poem and he really seems to have a lot of love to give her now that she’s his wife and we hope and pray all he said come to pass.

screenshot below;


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