Actress Aisha Lawal Slams Troll Who Claimed She Died During Childbirth

Actress Aisha Lawal has slammed the person behind rumors of her death after childbirth cursing the person to continually see the wrath of God.

Aisha Lawal reacting to the post which has gone viral asking others to mourn her claiming she died during childbirth slammed the person saying she will live to fulfill God’s promise in her life and not die now nor the next 100 years.

According to her, the wrath of the Lord will be on anyone behind this atrocity and the Almighty Allah will preserve her life in good health and wealth with her family members and friends who love her and nothing will happen to her.

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Her colleagues and fans reacting to that said a word of prayer for her praying that nothing happens to her and death will not be her portion cursing the one behind such awful rumors of she being dead after childbirth.

Death is something no one wishes for the enemy but to spread rumors of someone being dead when the person is still alive is outrageous and it’s good Aisha Lawal has come out to debunk such rumors before something worst happens.

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