Actress Caroline Igben Opens Up On Sleeping With Nollywood Producers For Roles

Nollywood actress, Caroline Igben has revealed that she has not any offer from a Nollywood producer or director requesting for a se.x in exchange for a movie role.

Speaking to Delta State Indigene in an interview, Caroline Igben indicated the only time she experienced a Nollywood producer was when the project had ended and she had finished her work as the man asked her out for a date.

Caroline Igben stated boldly that she can’t be forced by any producer to go on a date with her that has conditions attached to it.

She said;

“Sex for movie roles is a thing that I hear a lot but haven’t experienced. What I have experienced is maybe after getting a job and I’m done with it, I have gotten offers to say can we go out on a date (lunch, dinner ), etc and I see it like just a man trying to get to know you, and whatever their intentions were, I can’t say but you definitely can’t be forced to date someone you are uninterested in.

So, if my ‘No I can’t go on a date with you won’t make you give me a job again then clearly you can move with your work.”

Source:Newzandar News

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