Actress Kate Henshaw Recounts How God Saved Her From A Plane Crash In 2012

Kate Henshaw has narrated how she almost boarded a flight on June 3rd, 2021. According to her, in 2012 Dana Air Flight 992 was reportedly killed about 159 people while attempting an emergency landing in Lagos. Kate Henshaw has taken to her page to thank God for saving her.

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Kate Henshaw has taken to her Twitter page to explain that she flew with Dana Air Flight 992 to Abuja in the morning and was meant to return with it but she had a delay in her office which made her miss the flight. Kate has taken to her page to celebrate 9 years of the sad incident and has said that she will never forget.

According to her, someone delayed her in her office because it was her mother’s birthday which made her escape her early death.

She tweeted, “June 3, 2012. My mum’s birthday 2day but I can’t forget that date. God used someone to delay me at the office I visited in Abuja. Flew that flight to Abuja earlier in the morning & was to return with it, same day. Arrived at the airport after it departed. My life is hidden in God!”

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Source: Newzandar News

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