Adesua Etomi Reveals Her Desires To Have Another Wedding Because Of This

Actress Adesua Etomi has made her desire of getting married again to her husband Banky W known after she chanced on a wedding dress of a friend.

Adesua Etomi commenting on the dress seems speechless of how beautiful it is hence disclosed her desire to have another wedding in such a dress saying she would have to ask her husband Banky W if it’s okay with him.

According to Adesua Etomi, she will ask Banky W if he wants to do another wedding with her soon because the dress her friend wore is fabulous and she wishes to have another wedding wearing such a dress.

The dress is indeed beautiful and it’s not surprising it has drawn Adesua Etomi’s inner desire out making her wish to have another wedding with her husband Banky W just to be able to wear the drees and make herself happy.

Every woman tries to have her dream wedding whenever she’s getting married and we believe Adesua Etomi had her dream wedding with Banky W when they got married but this dress of her friend has made her desire to have another wedding.

As an actress, Adesua Etomi can wear the dress she desires to wear and have another wedding with her husband Banky W without necessarily going all over again as they can do it just like they got married in the movie ‘The Wedding Party’.

screenshot below;


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