Are You God – Sandra Iheuwa Asks Those Who Shamed Her For Being Ubi Franklin’s Baby Mama And Wishing Her Marriage Don’t Last

Businesswoman Sandra Iheuwa has replied to those who shamed her once for being a baby mama and now are praying that her marriage doesn’t last asking whether they are God to decide.

According to Sandra Iheuwa, she was trolled for being a baby mama and now that she has found love and want to do the right thing, these same people are saying her marriage won’t last and she has been wondering if they are God to decide that for her.

Sandra Iheuwa then added that if you wish her all that the same bad things she wishes for you as well because God doesn’t like or bless bitter people and if you care for her so much to make her business your business then just pray for her.

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Sandra Iheuwa is the only baby mama of Ubi Franklin who is so loud on social media therefore people trolling her for being a baby mama at some point was because of her attitude but going as far as saying her marriage won’t last is uncalled for.

Sandra Iheuwa is set to marry Steve Thompson the CEO of Royal Hair next month and already people are praying their marriage don’t last because of their attitude as some people claim Sandra Iheuwa is getting into this marriage just to prove some people wrong when she knows that the man doesn’t love her.

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Source: Newzandar News

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