Army Commander Who Was Killed By Explosive Device Planted By Boko Haram Laid To Rest In Abuja

Col. Husseini Samaila Sankara, a Nigerian Army commander who was slain by a Boko Haram terrorist-detonated explosive device in Borno state, has been laid to rest.

Sankara was put to rest at the Guards Brigade Cemetery in Abuja on Thursday, July 8. He was the Commander, Counter-Insurgency Operations in the ongoing Operation Hadin Kai in the North-East.

On July 1, 2021, the late Commander died as a result of injuries incurred when his vehicle trod on landmines on May 30, 2021.

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Not less than seven Nigerian Army personnel perished instantly as a result of the attack, while four others were critically injured, including the late Colonel.

When their gun truck collided with the explosion, the late officer was on his way from Marte, a hamlet in Borno State, to Maiduguri, the state capital.

Before departing to the burial, family members, colleagues, and friends who attended Col. Sankara’s memorial service at the Military Church in Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja, recounted their last moments with him and gave him touching tribute.

Shehu Jafiya (Turakin Uba), the deceased’s elder brother, informed journalists shortly after the burial that the senior officer had told his family that his duty was over, “without knowing he was talking about his assignment on planet Earth.”

Recalling his last moments with Sankara Jafiya explained, “After the blast in Borno State around Dikwa and Marte. He was first flown in an helicopter to Maiduguri where he was stabilized at the military facility, then they moved him to Cedar Crest hospital in Abuja.

“I was at the airport to receive him and we had very extensive discussions not only one day but progressively over a week. He kept assuring us that we should not cry or be too worried that he was going to be fine. We didn’t know he just wanted to console us by saying we should not be too worried and not cry for him. My last moments with him we’re indeed emotional and painful to us.”

“We thought he was referring to the mission in Borno. He was being very prophetic so, we didn’t understand him then. He was very committed to his family. When I mean both his wife, children and we the brothers. He was easy-going and he had a very deep passion for the military job. He was so proud of it and that was why in the house, we christened him ‘Sojaman’.

“One other thing he always he treasured was his love for this nation. Whenever we sat to discuss, you will hear him saying that he will do anything for this country. All these while, we didn’t understand what he was talking about. That doing everything, he was ready to die for this country and it eventually manifested. So it happened eventually so that is it.

“Looking at things in the country, the first thing that will give him joy in heaven is for us to defeat this insurgency. He will want to see his family settling down as quickly as possible, so that they won’t feel the pain of his exit too much just as the preacher said in the church.

“He’ll want to see them move on and all agitations in the country today for Sankara who is a deep and passionate lover of Nigeria, he’ll want nothing but unity.”


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