AY Comedian’s Wife Mabel Makun Replies A Man Waiting For Their Marriage To Crash

The man who seems to be pissed off with how Mabel Makun and her husband AY Comedian are said celebrity marriage in Nigeria is a cruise and doesn’t last waiting for AY and his wife Mabel’s own to crash saying there will be stories soon.

Mabel Makun brilliantly replied to him saying it’s so unfortunate that he can utter such words from his mouth waiting for someone else’s marriage to crash like others with the claim that celebrity marriage doesn’t last in Nigeria.

She went ahead to pray for him asking God to help him eradicate such mentality from his mind and stop ending people’s marriages with his evil thought that Nigeria celebrity marriage is just a cruise and nothing else.

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Mabel Makun and AY Comedian were married even before she came to the limelight and they both understand and love each other hence we guess nothing could ever break their marriage as some people eagerly want.

Most celebrity marriages don’t last and that is not only in Nigeria but there are others that last and the couples live happy as we have been seeing even though they might have their differences and we pray AY Comedian and Mabel Makun’s own last.

screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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