Baba Ijesha Never Had Sex With Her – Yomi Fabiyi Defends Friend After Court Rejected Bail

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has once again thrown his weight behind his friend and actor Baba Ijesha after his bail was rejected by the Magistrate court yesterday.

Yomi Fabiyi still stands by his grounds that his friend Baba Ijesha is innocent because he did not rape the victim in question. According to Yomi Fabiyi, the police took a stand that they cannot charge the suspect with a crime they had no evidence especially when the victim said repeatedly Baba Ijesha never had sex with her.

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He further added that during the court proceeding, someone from Lagos DPP entered the court and told the judge they have filed the case at the High Court.

Yomi Fabiyi took to his Instagram page and explained the court case of his friend Baba Ijesha. He said, “That is the true position and update. Someone want DEFILEMENT included into the charges against Baba Ijesha by force by fire despite the fact the SET UP failed to go beyond sexual assault.

Baba Ijesha never applied any force that may exhibit any intention to rape. Yet they want a past seven years purported event based on oral evidence with no single authentic proof added to the charges which will enable a HIGH COURT to have jurisdiction to work on the case. Bail is not a guilty or innocent verdict.

I am convinced some people outside those we know are the ones behind the case, they and their agents have problems with bail.

By his grace, an amicable solution will be found. I will stand by a fair trial, human rights, justice, and rule of law to the end. No backing down. E ma fhor.


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Source: Newzandar News

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