Babes Wey No Even Fine Dey Post Nonsense Online’- Actor, Ugezu Slams Broke Girls

In his recent post on his Instagram handle, Ugezu pointed out that the ugly girls who don’t have anything in their accounts are the ones who pop up online and make all categories of nonsense.

He furthered that meanwhile, the real beautiful girls who have the fat account balances do not post anything series on social media as they only share pictures of flowers, prayers, wishes and once in a while post a picture of them and to him, it is confusing.

Check out his post below;

His post has drawn some comments from IG users, see what some said below;

@inside_life_ng wrote;

Men wey get self no dey see all these things you are talking about. When last you see Dangote and Otedola post? Me and you dey the same level sir.

@amarachiozioma92 wrote;

Forget!! those ones wey no dey show themselves na dem do pass behind closed doors…everything na packaging shaa ?

@Sleekie_sleekie wrote;

Same thing with guys! The big boys are not on Instagram ….. even me gan i no fit say I be big boy….

@androoofficial wrote;

There are no rules to social media engagements!. 
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Source:Newzandar News

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