Baby Girl Dressed As A Mermaid During Photoshoot Causes Stir Online

The innocent child was made to lie supine with her blue handwoven mermaid tail sticking out conspicuously.

As you can imagine, the photo has generated wild reactions from the highly conservative Africans who sprouted out in their numbers to express their misgivings.

See some of the reactions;

@King Aletse Fixon Owoo: What kind of madness be this wonder when they grow up the face a lot of spiritual marriage and behave like mermaids.

@Paul Akami: It’s only a useless parent who will dress his /her kid like this.Note useless in my statement is not an insult I mean u are useful but we use u less.

@Irene Yankey: Abomination, and God forbid

In other news, a Nigerian lady has rightly observed that the activities of internet scammers, known in the local parlance as yahoo yahoo or sakawa in Ghana, is the reason why a lot of ladies in the contemporary setup no longer appreciate their boyfriends.

The lady said the penchant of these fraudsters to splash money opulently on people’s girlfriends is the reason why some women whose boyfriends are working their ass off legitimately think they are not flexing their financial muscles enough.

She tweeted; ”Na yahoo boys cause this thing. Throwing money around that they didn’t work for. That’s why when your bf gives you 50k for the month you’ll be squeezing face. Meanwhile, that’s half his salary for the month at Union bank.”

SOURCE: www.Newzandar News

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