Being A Runs Girl Is Not Easy, It Is Hard Work — Media Personality, Shade Lapido Shares Her Experience

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Shade Ladipo exclaimed that being a runs girl is not easy because it takes a lot of hard work and she prefers to do a normal work to get her money to doing runs.

She stated that for a runs girl, she must look a certain way, say certain things be on someone’s clock constantly and also pretend to be interested in people you don’t like adding that to be a successful runs girl, you need to numb your feelings and you must be lover of money as that will be your motivation, however, for her, money is not her motivation and her life does not revolve around getting money.

See her post below;

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See some reactions from social media users below;


This is not bou being saint buh I don’t know how one get comfortable with someone u don’t love touch u not to talk of going intimate with the person

@likita_oma wrote;

E no easy oooo… Different sizes of things, different Body odour, sweat, saliva etc… Mehn

@veronicasdaughter wrote;

Runs hard pass regular work. Why else will u allow a pregnant man be pressing u and u wee be calling him Baby?? 😢😢

@khlear0705 wrote;

My sister!!!! It is harddd! The thought alone is crazy!!! You have said the whole truth! I cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How they do it I don’t know! Una weldone o… this my work is easier biko

@real_tessy_official wrote

Now you see why when those actress post their fancy cars they tell you I worked hard for my money 😂😂😂 because runs nor easy at all

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