Bobrisky Slams Fans Comparing Rudeboy And Peter Okoye After Peter Bagged An Honorary Doctorate Degree

Crossdresser Bobrisky has blamed fans for the unending fight between Rudeboy and his twin brother Peter Okoye after they were both compared once again.

Peter Okoye has bagged an honorary doctorate degree from Esce- Benin University for his contribution to the art and entertainment industry and some fans have already started making fun of Rudeboy while comparing them.

Bobrisky reacting to that blamed fans for being the problem as he slams them for comparing two blood who are successful among themselves by praising one and making the other one feel bad asking what happened to praising both of them.

Bobrisky went ahead to chide fans saying they need to do better as it appears they love to hit heads together to create some unnecessary drama wondering what they will gain in that if the two brothers end up fighting each other.

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Bobrisky then advised that fans should support them both and hype them both and stop bringing one down for the other adding that Peter Okoye and Rudeboy are doing great hence they should get that and stop constituting nuisance up and down.

This advice and warning of Bobrisky wouldn’t be adhered to by some fans as they will go ahead to compare the two brothers and make the other feel like a failure and in this case, Rudeboy is going to be the one to be mocked.

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