Buhari Calls On The Military To Summon The Courage To Defeat Bandits And Terrorists

President Muhammadu Buhari decried the recurrent bandit killings in Zamfara and Kaduna states on Saturday, July 10, and urged the military to respond in a language that the bandits understand.

According to a statement released by Femi Adesina, the President’s Special Advisor on Media and Publicity, the military and other security agencies are now coming up with new techniques and policies that are yielding positive results in many of the country’s troubled areas, and the President calls for a shattering response to the killing of unarmed civilians in rural communities.

The statement reads;

”He also averts that the nation, its military and the entire population needs to summon the courage required to defeat the bandits and terrorists.

President Buhari condemns some politicians making utterances on security, merely seeking applause, advising them to join the ongoing genuine efforts aimed at finding lasting solutions to the challenges confronting the nation.

He expresses the nation’s sorrow over the loss of lives, urging security agencies to do everything possible to prevent the recurrence of attacks with impunity.”

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Ghgossip earlier reported that a Famous Nigerian author, Reno blasted those tackling general overseers of popular Nigerian churches for not showing up at the funeral of late TB Joshua.

Nigeria’s economy, according to the former presidential adviser, is dying, and the subject on the Internet is about individuals who did not attend a deceased man’s funeral. Persons only attend funerals of people they knew when they were alive, he said.

His message is as follows:

”Whether in religion, politics, or entertainment, in life, people usually only attend the funerals of men and women they associated with during their lives. If you did not associate with someone while that person lived, and more importantly, that person also did not associate associate with you in their lifetime, it is hypocritical to go to their funeral.

Nigeria generated ?3.4 trillion in 2020, and spent ?3.3 trillion servicing (not repaying) debt, and our priority is who did or did not attend a dead man’s funeral? The man has died and cannot un-die. But our economy is dying when our government spends 95% of its revenue servicing debt! That is why $1 is now ?504. Let us focus on issues that matter!”

Source: Ghgossip.com

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