Call Me Now Else – Funke Akindele Threatenes Eniola Badmus After Saying They Aren’t Friends Anymore

Actress Funke Akindele Belo has threatened her friend Eniola Badmus hours after Eniola claimed she’s no more friends with her as they graduate to sisters.

Eniola Badmus in a recent interview said Funke Akindele is no more her friend but rather her sister as the bond they both shared is stronger the what friends shares hence they are now sisters even though they don’t have the same blood.

A few hours after that, Funke Akindele has threatened Eniola Badmus asking her to call her else she’s going to smell leaving a space for her to fill in the gap and tell what she wants to be done to her if she fails to call.

These two are very funny and click so well hence it’s not surprising that Eniola Badmus said they aren’t friends anymore but rather sisters because with them everything is possible and there’s no dull moment when they are around.

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Funke Akindele threatening Eniola Badmus to call her else beneath a post she made is something just for a cruise as it’s nothing serious since they both can fight and get back together the next minute by sorting everything out.

The friendship between Funke Akinde Belo and Eniola Badmus is one most people will jealous to have because they both click very well and understands each other hence doesn’t take any misunderstanding to heart to ruin their friendship.

screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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