Check Out The 5 Children Of President Muhammadu Buhari, All You Need To Know

Beside Buhari’s authentic obligations as a leader of Nigeria, he is likewise a family man who has Beautiful children.

Every one of his children had broad instruction and a large portion of them had their schooling abroad, with every of his child holding a postgraduate certificate.

Muhammadu Buhari had five Children from a past marriage with Safinatu Yusuf however presently, he is hitched to Aisha, whose granddad was the principal Minister for protection in Nigeria and now, they have five kids together including one grandson.

On the whole, President Buhari has ten Children with his previous and current spouse.

Our post will talk about his five children with his present spouse, Aisha.


Fatima Buhari

She was born on seventh March, 1975 and she had her primary school at Airforce primary school which is situated at Victoria Island, Lagos.

She at that point continued to Government school at Kaduna. Her first degree was gotten from Ahmadu Bello University and afterward she continued to Business Academy, Stratford University at the United Kingdom for her postgraduate certificate.

Fatima is as of now wedded to an investor and a previous Managing overseer of the government contract bank, Alhaji Gimba Yau Kumo.

Nana Hadiza

Hadiza Buhari

Hadiza was born on 23rd June, 1981 and she went to Essence International School at that point went to Cobham Hall, Kent of University of Buckingham in the United Kingdom.

She continued her postgraduate course at the National Teachers Institute at Kaduna and she did her masters in International Affairs and key investigations at Kaduna polytechnic.


Safinatu Buhari

Safinatu who was born on thirteenth October likewise had her schooling at Essence International school like her sister, Nana Hadiza.

She furthered her schooling at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom.

As of now, she is learning at the Arden University At the United Kingdom.


Halima Buhari

Halima was born was born On 8th October, 1990, . She schooled at the British school of Lome and after, she went to Bellerby’s college at Brighton, United Kingdom.

She later went to Leicester University at UK and then furthered to Law School of Nigeria at Lagos.


Yusuf Buhari

He is the main child of President Buhari after Musa, the child from Buhari’s first spouse who kicked the bucket.

Yusuf completed his schooling in 2016 with his sister at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Once, Buhari referenced that he forestalled his child, Yusuf from joining the military. He and his dad are extremely close and he spends time with his father in any event, during an excursion.

Like one day when Buhari was heading out to the United States for his initiation, Yusuf went with him.

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