December 5, 2021

Covid Is Real, It Kills – Mompha Says After Surviving COVID-19

Instagram big boy Mompha

has disclosed that he contracted the Covid-19 virus a few days ago and tested positive but now has been treated and is okay hence advising his fans to be careful.

Mompha in a post explaining why he hasn’t been on social media said it’s as a result of quarantine because he tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and had to be quarantined for 20 days but now he’s okay therefore he has returned to social media.

According to Mompha, the Covid-19 virus is real and it kills also therefore advising his fan to stay safe because it’s not a good experience for anyone to go through at all looking at what he went through when he tested positive for the virus and had to go through treatment and all that.

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There’s Covid-19 vaccine but not everyone has had the chance to get vaccinated and Mompha seems to be one of those who are yet to get vaccinated and that might be the reason why he easily contracted the virus but thanks be to God that he has survived it and is well now.

Therefore, it’s up to us to stay safe by heeding to Mompha’s advice and make sure to follow all the Covid-19 protocols in order not to contract the virus and go through the bad experience of trying so hard to catch a breathe among other things.

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