Despite Our Religiosity, There Has Been A Spike In Kidnapping- Kaigama

Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, has called the nation to live up to its standard as a religious country.

According to the Rev Minister, Nigeria is not living up to its reputation as a country that is very religious and eschews evil. He spoke at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Jabi, Abuja, where he asked the citizenry to exhibit good morals.

In his words: “Nigeria is reckoned as one of the most religious nations on earth. Our places of worship are often filled with worshippers. But our daily actions reflect a wide discrepancy from the tenets of the religions we profess.

“Despite our religiosity, we continue to witness an acute rise in the number of terrorists, bandits, kidnappers and militants, not to talk of corrupt officials. We price evil over good, laud violence over peace and personal economic interests over collective nation building.

“In the face of rising challenges of all kinds in our nation, we feel duty bound to ask if those who represent our collective interests in the Presidency, Senate, House of Representative, etc, do make the dividends of democracy come to us or they are only experiencing the fruits of democracy in their pockets, and with their families and friends instead of all Nigerians.”

“Nigeria is faced with consuming insecurity, excruciating poverty, spiralling unemployment and arbitrary destruction of human lives. It’s very painful and shameful that a country blessed with abundant resources, so endowed with intellectuals, professionals of eminent credentials, and hard working people should suffer the kind of crippling poverty and social deprivation that gave birth to multi-dimensional violence.”


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