Diane Russet Discloses How Her Mother Lamented Over Her New Weight Bring Out Her Hips

BBNaija reality show star Diane Russet has disclosed how her mother lamented over her gaining weight bringing out her hips making it more visible than usual.

Diane Russet in a tweet said her mother sent her a voice note to remind her that she has added weight and her hips are coming out asking her to take it easy and reduce some weight going back to the Diane we all know.

According to Diane Russet, this is her mother’s way of indirectly telling her to reduce some weight and not rush into doing anything and that is such a sweet and thoughtful mother everyone would love to have and care for always.

Having a mother like Diane Russet’s own who will find ways and means to keep you in check no matter how old you are is just lovely and admirable as some mothers turn to leave their children on their own when they attain certain heights or ages in life.

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Diane Russet is such a lovely soul and her fans reacting to her tweet were only laughing at her saying her mother is indirectly asking her to keep her weight in check so that her hips don’t come out and be more visible.

But what we seem not to understand is what will happen if Diane Russet’s hips come out like every other lady after all most ladies want their hips to be out and curvy in the attires they were hence what will happen if Diane’s own is out.

Screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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