Don Jazzy Shares The Secret To Why He’s So Full Of Joy And Happiness

Mavin Recird boss Don Jazzy has disclosed the secret to his joy and happiness and why he’s always full of joy and seems not to have any problems in life.

During a question and answer session with fans, Don Jazzy replying to a curious fan who wanted to know the secret of his joy and why he’s always happy asked the fan to drink water and mind his/her business in life.

According to Don Jazzy, he drinks water and minds his business as well as loves his neighbor as himself and that is why he’s always in a very good mood looking happy and joyous as if he has no problems here on earth.

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Don Jazzy is part of the few industry players who always try to make their fans happy and don’t let their problems interfere in whatever they do hence always look happy and joyful on the gram and that is why some fans wanted to know the secret behind that.

And Don Jazzy has shared it with us saying he drinks water and mind his business as well as love his neighbor as himself therefore if anyone wants to look so happy and joyous as he looks always, the person should practice what he said and they always look happy like him.

Screenshot below;

Source: Newzandar News

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