Don’t Date Nigerian Men, You Will Never Be Their Priority’- Dancer, Izzy Odigie Cautions Ladies

Izzy Odigie stated boldly in a video that Nigerian men will never prioritize women in their lives and cautioned women not to date Nigerian men.

She said this in reaction to response a man who is also a dancer gave her after she quizzed him where he makes love his first priority and in his response he stated that he makes puts his career first therefore hustling comes first

Watch the video below;

Read some reactions to her statement below;

@preshistone wrote;

No lies detected. These men would never decline a job offer because it will take them far away from their families, it’s the women who will forfeit their entire career to please a man. Thank God women now know better.

@i.tobiloba wrote;

But in honesty, what most important is having a career with a person you love and then balancing it.
Remember, money doesn’t define your success its the bi-product but achieving your goals and having a motivating and understanding partner by your side is the real success.

@ddempire95 wrote;

After you show them love without money dey get tired and start asking for the prove you really love them. So hustle my brothers and show you really love your woman

@blak_beeuutee wrote;

It goes both ways though. How many girls genuinely love? Most times the love is always based on financial gains. That’s why there are more side chicks than there are wives ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Source:Newzandar News

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