Don’t Just Go To The Gym To Find Muscles, Take Care Of Your Mouth Too – Bobrisky Tells Men

Crossdresser Bobrisky has advised men who only think about building their muscles to also take care of their mouth like a fine boy with mouth odor is bad.

Bobrisky with reasons known to him posted on social media telling men with mouth odor to take care of themselves and not only focus on building their muscles hence going to the gym to build their body without taking care of their mouth.

Bobrisky then asked whether doing fine boy isn’t part of taking care of yourself and washing your mouth clean saying there are lots of fine boys working around with mouth odor and that doesn’t suit them at all.

Bobrisky also pleaded with these men not to just go to the gym to find muscles but take care of their mouth too because that is also important and going to a public place like the gym with mouth odor is something one needs to be ashamed of.

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It appears men of today don’t like taking care of themselves as aside from Bobrisky calling out men with mouth odor, Alex Unusual also called out men who wear their boxers continuously for some time and don’t take care of their personal hygiene.

No matter how handsome and wealthy you are, your personal hygiene might drive good people around you away as some might not gather the courage to tell you therefore men with mouth odor should listen to Bobrisky’s advice.

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