Don’t Start Showing Your Fake Social Media Love When I’m Gone – Isreal DMW Warns Nigerians

Isreal DMW reacting to how almost everyone is mourning Obama DMW on social media warned Nigerians not to show him this kind of fake social media love when he’s gone but rather celebrate him while he’s still alive.

According to Isreal DMW, we should celebrate him when he’s still alive and not start showing him, his family, or Edo people fake social media love when he’s no more else Ogun will just kill anyone who tries that instantly.

It’s best to celebrate and show people love when they are alive than show fake love when they are no more and that is what Isreal DMW is warning Nigerians about as he threatens that anyone who tries that would be killed by Ogun.

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Obama DMW isn’t known by many people but then has been mourned on social media after his death and that seems to be fake social media love to Isreal DMW hence, he claims he doesn’t want anything like that when he’s gone.

Davido is so close to Obama DMW and is said to be going through a lot right now as he can’t accept or believe that his friend who was with him less than 24hrs ago is dead and now needs our prayers God consoles him.

screenshot below;

Source: www.Newzandar News

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