Dumb Chic’s Are The Only Ones Impressed By A Man’s Money – Jane Mena

Nigerian socialite and brand influencer, Jane Mena has addressed women who fancy the money a man has and how they lavish it on them.

Jane Mena who is known for her exceptional twerking skills asserted it is only dumb women who are impressed by what a man does for them financially.

She believes that what women should be fascinated about is how a man sets the woman up in her life so she can be well resourced for future endeavors therefore if he does nothing for you and compared such a man to an average man.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Twerk Queen stated categorically that a man must always be a flex and other than that he is useless.

She wrote;

D*mb chicks are the only ones who are impressed by a man’s money

Sist, Be impressed by what he does for you and how he sets you up for future purposes.

A rich/wealthy man who practically does nothing for you is not a flex in anyway. He’s inferior to an average man who actually does for you

Your man must always be a flex.
Otherwise, he’s pointless and usel*ess

Source:Newzandar News

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