Even Inside Suit, This One Still No Get Sense’ – Broda Shaggi Slams Adamu Garba For Saying Twitter Should Get Out Of Nigeria

Nigerian social media comedian and actor, Broda Shaggi has berated ex-presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba over his recent post on Twitter which has caused an uproar on the platform.

Adamu Garba had tweeted that Twitter has no right to indulge in their local political affairs pointing to the fact that Twitter is a company and not a government and his tweet comes after Twitter deleted some tweets made by Nigerian’s president Muhammadu Buhari on social media when he revealed plans to deal with the persons who are trying to see his administration fail in government following reports of destruction of government infrastructure in the country.

According to reports, the deletion of Buhari’s tweet was seen considered insensitive and an instigation of civil war which Twitter did not want to project on their platform.

This development got Adamu Garbu fuming with rage and he took to his Twitter account to exclaim that by removing their democratically elected president’s speech to the people of Nigeria, Twitter needs to shutdown from Nigerian internet space.

Reacting to this, comedian, Broda Shaggi questioned his sense of reasoning and described him as one of those people who was rejected by Jesus at the temple.

Broda Shaggi wrote;

Even inside suit, this one still no get sense before he be like wetin Jesus reject for temple

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