Female Graduate Turn To Riding ‘Keke Napep’ To Earn A Living Due To Unemployment

@DrPenking appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to assist her in finding work, revealing that she is an English language graduate who has been unable to find work since graduating from university and has had to turn to it for survival.

He Wrote;

”This is Unyime Asuquo, a graduate of English Language, She rides keke to earn a living because she has not been able to secure a job since graduation. Twitter do your thing”.

Ghgossip gathered some reactions from the bird app. See below;

Semperolo wrote; “Which job wan pay her more than she’s getting now, just earn more from this, save and do something else, from here sef in few years she can add more keke”

Yabazidon wrote; “Many Nigerians complete their education only to get the key to ride Uber, Keke Napep & Okada. No wonder they kept telling us “education is the key”, & we never even bothered to ask “is the key to what?”

Mustyaddoibrah1 wrote; “The educational system in Nigeria is garbage in garbage out. NYSC camp was where I understood what okonjo iweala said when she was minister of finance “70% of Nigerian graduates are unemployable.”

tboyengr wrote; “The system can’t employ every graduate; it’s not just possible even in advanced countries. Lets start creating jobs for ourselves, nothing is wrong with riding keke sebi money comes in. D age of go-2-school, get-job has gone. The syst will never b able 2give jobs to all grads.”

Source: Ghgossip.com

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