Get Ready For 2 More Years Of Wailing – Lauretta Onochie To Nigerians Angry Over Buhari’s Checkups In London

President Buhari’s aide Lauretta Onochie has savagely asked Nigerians lamenting over Buhari‘s regular checkups to London to get ready for 2 more years to wail over that.

Lauretta Onochie reacting to the complaints of most citizens over president Buhari’s regular checkups to London almost every year said their wailing won’t stop him from seeing his doctor therefore they should get ready for 2 more years.

According to Lauretta Onochie, since 2016 it has been the same wailing from Nigerians whenever president Buhari goes for a checkup with his personal doctor and they have been giving them the same explanation but to no avail.

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Adding that the wailing of Nigerians won’t let Buhari dump his personal doctor for about 40yrs therefore Nigerians should get ready to wail for the next two years if he chooses to go and see his personal doctor in London for regular checkups.

Lauretta Onochie also said that the wailing of Nigerians can not take away president Buhari’s right to see his doctor in London hence wailers must get ready to wail for two more years and fooling around with that since they have nothing doing.

screenshot below;


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