Give Her The Money, Thieves – Relationship Adviser Blessing Okoro Slams Gov’t Over Seizure Of N25M Of Amputee

Social media users woke up to the news of a popular pure water seller with one leg who went viral in photos on social media a few weeks ago. According to the news hovering on social media, Mary Daniels is alleged to have made up her sad story of how she lost her parents in a motor accident, lost one of her legs, and also got ditched by her baby daddy just to win the sympathy of Nigerians.

Also in Newzandar News: Commissioner Of Police Responds To Rumors That Amputee Mary Daniel Is In Their Custody

According to reports from TheNation, Daniel was exposed after those who staged her story started threatening that they would reveal the truth unless she gave them their share of the money she received from the public.

The commissioner of police Hakeem disclosed that “There were irregularities and lies in the account of her life she gave. It was discovered that contrary to her claim that her parents died during an accident that left her amputated, it was discovered that her father is very much alive and that she was amputated from birth.”

Relationship advisor, Blessing Okoro has waded into the trending issue and has slammed the Lagos Government for seizing the money donated to the amputee out of love and sympathy. She also said people donated to support her business and lie despite the lies as she deserves a better life.

I hate this country. May I never be in a position to ask them for help because they must mock u? Nigerians are like the devil, they use u and abuse u. I don’t give a 4ck about her story the fact is that is she suffering, she is on the streets, with no leg, still struggling. Give her her money. Give her her money.

It is her money raised by common Nigerians, even my money is in it. Give her her money. We don’t care about the story, the fact that she had no leg and hustled like someone with 2 legs is the motivation behind the contribution. Give her her money. Stop stealing from the poor. Give her her money. Or refund our money back to us …. thieves. After they go say Na I be audio gal when we are in an audio country with audio citizens.”

Source: Newzandar News

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