‘Give Me 10 Months & I Will Take Over The UK’- DJ Cuppy Brags

Multi-talented Nigerian disc jockey, presenter, and musician Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola better known as DJ Cuppy has revealed her intentions of taking over the United Kingdom in the next 10 months.

The billionaire’s daughter and ‘Karma’ hitmaker stated her fans should give her just the next 10 months and she will paint the whole of the United Kingdom ‘pink’ as she plans on taking over the ‘Queens land’ in no time.

DJ Cuppy was so sure and very emphatic about her intentions via a tweet she pulled up on her official Twitter page tell her fans and the whole world to save the tweet for future reference;

SAVE THIS TWEET- Gimmie 10 months, and I’ll take over the UK #CuppyDat

Now check out some of the comments from fans who flaunted the comment section of the post to roast the musician alive;

Abdullah @b_abdullah442·29mReplying to @cuppymusicYou never take over Nigeria o

Duduke of [email protected]__1Emmanuella·28mReplying to @cuppymusic You don take over your papa house before you take over uk Sha hope it’s not music you wan use.. Cause we’ll give u 10years

Daniel [email protected]·21mReplying to @cuppymusicI like ur confidence Cuppy but “Talk is cheap” so ur dream of taking over UK in 10 months is nothing but a fantasy cos u are yet to prove urself as a artiste or credib!e celebr!ty here in Nigeria. U have the potential of being the next big star if u work hard enough. No shades.

NOW OUT!!! #CollageAlbum by #[email protected]_da1screamer·29mReplying to @cuppymusicI believe you can. I won’t save the tweet, because I don’t doubt that you can. You can do it.

Yaghzzy [email protected]·30mReplying to @cuppymusicBut cuppy you have been there ever since you’re kid…..so that time is not enough to take over UK?….all the best thou;

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com

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