Governor Bala Says FG Can’t Revive Nigeria’s Economy

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed has stated that the Federal Government has no clue on how to balance the nation economically.

As reported by The Nation, on Thursday, May 13, Governor Bala made this disclosure after performing the Eid prayers to celebrate the Sallah. He urged the Federal Government to remain focused and put an end to the blame game.

Bala mentioned that the FG is not even fighting the corruption it alleged to be fighting.

He said:

“I think the FG has lost any idea to grow the economy. What they are best known for is the blame game. They are not even fighting the corruption they claimed to be fighting.”

Governor Bala accused the Buhari’s Government of moving backwards, saying that the nominations in the six geopolitical areas are not fairly and fairly distributed.

The governor added:

“There are sacred cows and small gods who cannot be touched in Buhari’s government but if you are not fair and equitable in your government, If there is nepotism where only one section is giving positions in your government, then there will be problems.

“There is an iota of truth in what the southern governors said on some sections being highly favoured at the detriment of others.

“What we know in this country as a federalist is that there should always be a balance. If you don’t practice fairness at the top, then you cannot get it at the lower level. Unless we show fairness and equity we cannot grow the economy.”

Source; Newzandar

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