Govt Set To Invite Gay Foreigner to Host A Program But Gay Activists In Ghana Have Been Locked Up At Ho

Outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson is fuming about the gross discrimination and witch-hunting against the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana.

The filmmaker in a new post she published on her Facebook account revealed the government of Ghana under the stewardship of Nana Akufo Addo is set to invite a gay activist into the country to speak on issues relating to the creative arts industry yet gay activists in Ghana have been locked up in Ho without any bail for over a week now.

Lydia posted;

Incase you don’t know; Your government is hosting a well known gay man to speak on the creative arts, he will be given a kings welcome and treated like a star. But 21 LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 activists are locked up in Ho for weeks without bail.

I keep telling you that in Ghana the more money you have, proximity to power and the passport you hold will determine the rights you enjoy. When you pray, add privilege to it- it’s the only way you will survive anything here.


Ghanaians, as usual, got inflamed by this very topic they abhor characteristically, they sprouted to disagree with Lydia on her posture.

See samples of the comments below;

@Radnor Asafo Adjei: But wait oooo, so you know he is gay, I don’t know he is gay and he will be speaking on creative arts not LGBTQ activism. How does that play out here?? I equally have my own reservations about how we treat the LGBTQ community in Ghana but this your analogy de3 I bet to differ.

@ HardBody Hardway: What did you said? He will be speaking on creative arts but not Gay arts. There is difference between talking about Teaching Of Gay and talking about creative arts. Madam don’t get confused on this topic. He can be gay but as long as he is not going to teach people on how to do gay and lesbian we don’t have any issues with whoever that person is. Unless You will tell me they have Banned any gay people from coming into the country. Thanks You

@ Kelvin Danquah: who is he the gay person

SOURCE: wwww.Newzandar

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