August 5, 2021

Greediness Comes With Different Level And Pattern – Rudeboy Says

Singer Rudeboy has disclosed that greediness comes with a different level and pattern which means that greediness comes in different forms that we sometimes don’t see.

Rudeboy has used his post to open our eyes that there are different forms of greediness that we turn to get blinded to see hence reminding us that greediness comes with different levels and patterns.

Explaining further the post of Rudeboy, one can say that some of us get greedy but then turn a blind eye to that because we focus our minds on the big things that we term as greediness forgetting that there are different forms of greediness in the world.

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Everyone gets greedy at some point in time as we wish to have more of something that we already have but then discard that and only term those who wish to have some things owned by others as the greedy ones.

Therefore, agreeing with Rudeboy in his post of greediness coming with different level and pattern, we have to be careful as individuals not to turn a blind eye to the little things we do that makes as greedy because they are all some forms of greediness.

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Source: Newzandar News

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