Gumi Should Be Probed Like Nnamdi Kanu- Governor Diri

Diri made an appearance on  Channels Television where he reacted to the rearrest of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOBNnamdi Kanu. He charged Buhari to investigate Gumi thoroughly to ensure he is not providing information to bandits.

In his words: “Two things I have to say.

“First, they should give him [Nnamdi Kanu] a fair hearing so that the trial will not be done in a way that everyone (especially the Igbo) will see it as oppression.

“Second, as we talk about the IPOB, what about the boys (bandits and herdsmen) organising killings in the North and in the whole country? What of Sheik Gumi? He has become somebody no one can touch. That’s very unfair.”

Spokesman of the governor, Daniel Alabrah issued a statement on behalf of the governor. The governor expressed gratitude to the state’s founding fathers for their contributions to the state’s development and for their support during the governorship race, as he said that the next generation would praise them.

Gov Diri said: “It is incumbent on this government to develop the state. So, we are looking at another development plan for our dear state. Ijaw nation is blessed and Bayelsa is blessed. It is only by working together we can develop.

“After my election and after speaking with my God, I said the first policy I would adopt would be no victor no vanquished. We did not struggle for the creation of Bayelsa. So, we cannot kill ourselves.

“I like you to join me in this journey for brotherhood, peace and development of our dear state. As founding fathers, you have the vision of what Bayelsa should look like. I invite you to be part of the process of governance in this state.”

Source: Newzandar News

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