Have Friends Who Will Risk It All For You- Reno Omokri Advises

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has schooled his fans on the type of friends they should keep in their lives in order to be successful.

According to Reno, true friends should be there for each other in times of need and dire distress. He cited the example of true friends with the story of how some friends in the Bible helped their crippled friends to receive healing by Jesus. He explained that the friends went extreme lengths to carry their sick friend to Jesus and open the top of the roof to lay him in front of Jesus.

Reno Omokri also mentioned that there are other types of friends who will remove your morals to bring you before satan as in the life of Chidinma who later confessed to killing Mr Ataga. Chidinma confessed that she started doing drugs through friends she met at Unilag.

He captioned his post as: You don’t need any type of friends. You need a particular specie of friends. Friends like the four men who took their paralysed friend to see Christ, and when the crowd was too much, they removed the roof to bring him before Christ. You need roof removing friends. What type of friends do you have? Watch Chidinma’s confession video. When asked how she started doing drugs, she said ‘friends’ she met at Unilag taught her. While the friends of the paralytic removed a roof to bring him before Christ, some friends will remove your morals to bring you before satan. Do you know your children’s friends? Do your parents know your friends?

Source: Newzandar News

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