Hilda Dokubo Curses Those Saying Comedienne Princess Is Faking Her Tears Over The R@pe Saga

Actress Hilda Dokubo has cursed those claiming comedienne Princess is faking her tears over the rape saga of Baba Ijesha who is in police custody now.

Hilda Dakubo said a word of prayer cursing all those claiming comedienne Princess is just faking her tears and acting when they went to stop the bail of Baba Ijesha for raping a child who was in her care and was caught.

According to Hilda Dokubo, all those who called comedienne Princess’s tears as acting will be raped of peace every day of their life and people shall put them in a position where they shall have the cause to cry publicly and no one will believe them.

Adding that no one will come to their aid and the law will mock their claims and everything about them will be considered lies even if they go to court with evidence everyone will think of them as liars and they will have no peace.

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Hilda Dokubo prayed that all those doubting comedienne Princess and trying to defend Baba Ijesha who has pleaded guilty to the crime will never know peace in their house and no one will even believe them with whatever they say.

Such a powerful prayer coming from a woman who understands the tears of comedienne Princess who is extremely worried and sad because the whole rape saga is one not to be played with hence all those who find themselves on this table need to seek forgiveness.

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Source: Newzandar News

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