How I Escaped Death In The Hands of Armed Robbers Who Stormed My House & $exually Attacked Me – Lady Narrates


A Nigerian woman has recounted a harrowing tale of how she had a close shave with death during an encounter with armed robbers who stormed her residence.

The woman identified as @FavourofGod001 on Twitter revealed on the armed robbers sexually molested her and shot her but unknowingly she did not remember anything during the scuffle with them.

According to her, she felt no pain because God did not want her and that is why she has taken to social media to share her testimony.

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Read below:

On April 28th there was a home invasion and I was sexually assaulted. After being sexually assaulted I was made to lie down, with my face down on the floor.

The next thing I remember is being covered in blood curled up behind my bedroom door. The truth of the matter I did not know I was shot in the head neither did I know I had been shot in the stomach. God didn’t allow me to even feel the pain from the gunshot wounds. The power of God I have to tell you… Guys, He has a plan for us all. The way He proved Himself in this situation even the heathen MUST believe in Him. I suffered from inter-cranial fracture and brain hemorrhaging amongst other things but these were the most serious of the injuries and At one point my family was told I may not make it. But God said, NOT YET!! God My healer, My sustainer raised me healed my body gave me a speedy recovery. He showed the world a miracle. I just wanted to share my testimony with you guys.


Even though I had spent all I worked for and nothing to live on right now as a widow that lost her husband years back, I am forever grateful that my children can still call me mommy and I can hold them in my arms again.

I so much believe that GOD IS IN CONTROL you may not agree with His plan but, he is the creation more than the creator. I think not. He remains on the throne. I will not sit on my testimony I will continue to tell it so I can strengthen anyone going through one problem or the other right now! Peace, love, and blessings to you all.

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