I Cannot Say Smoking Weed Or Drinking Alcohol Is A Sin- Reno Omokri

A fan identified as Mr_Vibes2 quizzed Reno on his views concerning the smoking of weed and drinking of alcohol. Reno explained to him that he does not see anything wrong with drinking alcohol as the Bible does not frown on it.

He wrote: Dear @Mr_Vibes2,

I do not smoke, whether weed or tobacco. However, I cannot say it is a sin. What I can say though is that I do not like the behaviour of many people who smoke weed. On alcohol, I avoid it for reasons best known to me which I would not want made public, but it is not a sin. Christ Himself drank alcohol (Matthew 11:19). Furthermore, He told us that we would also drink wine in heaven, or what some people call God’s Kingdom (Matthew 26:29). Some people find that hard to swallow, but even the Old Testament had earlier told us that spirit beings drink wine (Judges 9:13). The argument by some people that He was referring to fruit juice is just silly, because all wine is alcoholic. Fruit juice is NOT wine. Moreover, we know that the water He turned to wine was alcoholic, because the governor of the feast referred to it in John 2:10.


His comment drew some mixed reactions from fans.

godstile1: Wow. This man answers questions exactly how the lord answers the Pharisees 😁😁

tidatalk: 5am is dawn already. Midnight hour is 12am to 3am sir. By 5am most people are awake.

ifeanyiopo: Good day sir I really want to talk to you because I love the way you explain things …. And I have being following you all dis years ❤️❤️ I pray to meet you one day because you are a great man 🙏🙏 God bless you with wisdom … people like you are very hard to find in a society

lisaa_ndukwe: Ah! This girl is lucky…E be like sey she asked this question at 5AM , that’s why the answer came out without Mkpali

segun_sky1: Most weed smokers have a poor sense of judgement and they can also take irrational decisions which they might later regret when sober

eyolmy: Oga several christians have had God instruct them personally not to take alcohol at all, why?

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