I Give Out Money To Worthy Causes And Not To Beggars On Social Media- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has schooled a fan on how he utilizes his money and doles them out to people in need.

According to Reno, he gives out his money to worthy causes like the ₦2.7 million he gave to poor Nigerians and he does not give them out based on his feelings but on necessity. He cited a number of charitable causes he has been involved in as he told a fan who asked for money from him.

He wrote:

Dear Tobiaz Justice,

Nigeria is not just the world headquarters for extreme poverty, we are also a haven for extreme ignorance.

I do not give out money emotionally. I give out money based on my spiritual principles.

I sincerely hate to do this, but people like you have been all over my profile vomiting your Ignorance.

Please research this: During the lockdown, I gave out ₦2.7 million to poor Nigerians, and I published all the credit alerts.

Also fact check this: After the 2019 Onitsa Market Fire, one of the victims, Uchechukwu Ukaepu, became suicidal. God helped me support him to replace EVERYTHING he lost, plus change.

Please verify this: In 2018, when Kate Dekpe’s entire life bel ongings were swept away by a flood, God used me to replace everything she lost, plus money on top to start all over again.

Also cross check this: Every year, I provide both money and foodstuff to Muslims during Ramadan. One good thing about Northern Muslims, is that they have a good memory of who assists them, and they show gratitude.

These are just a few examples. People like you just talk carelessly, not minding the spiritual implications of your words. Then when you begin reaping what you have sowed, you start blaming village people.

Christ said “Everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken.”-Matthew 12:36.

I give to worthy causes. Often in secret. I don’t give to worldly causes. In my giving, I do not even look at tribe or religion.

Below are my financial principles:

Earn money REGULARLY
Lend money CAREFULLY
Borrow money RARELY
Invest money WISELY
Withdraw money SPARINGLY
Spend money PRUDENTLY
Donate money SPIRITUALLY
and you will always have money ABUNDANTLY

Finally, note that I am not a nice person, I have never pretended to be nice. I am a wise man. Big difference!

Source: Newzandar News

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