I Just Want A Hug From My Mum – BBNaija Star Vee Cries Out

Vee didn’t mentioned why she needs a hug from her mother but then it’s obvious she is either tired and needs a motherly worm hug or she misses her mother and just need a hug from her to move on with her daily routine.

Most of the time we gets to be okay or get some sort of new strength after getting a hug from loved ones when you’ve been through so much and Vee seems to be going through that now and needs a hug from her mother to keep her going.

It seems Vee hasn’t seen her mother for some time now therefore the urge to see her is just growing stronger each day and now she has taken to Twitter to cry out that she needs just a hug from her mother.

Screenshot below;

Source: newzandar.com

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